“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” — Christ Jesus

Christian Science Reading Room and Shop
We have a public Reading Room which is open every Tuesday, Thursday and the last Saturday in the month from 10.30-1.00pm.  If you would like to find out about spiritual healing or ask any questions we will always be more than happy to discuss and be of help. 

At the Reading Room you can find all the authorised Christian Science literature.  Available for study or purchase are various translations of the
Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and other works by Mary Baker Eddy.  You will also find weekly and monthly magazines, cds, biographies of Eddy and a wealth of other materials packed with problem solving ideas.  If you would like to gain a global perspective of our world
today, we have the award winning Christian Science Monitor available.



This spirited album from The Newsong Group is toe-tapping, healing, and inspirational. The album has 14 brand new compositions and lyrics that come from the Christian Science Hymnal, as well as four new texts.

It's an album packed full of uplifting songs that are sure to bring a little extra sunshine to the day. New compositions that range from jazz to jive, and Latin to ballad. Heartfelt vocals joined by piano, trumpet, saxophone, flute and accordion and a rhythm section.

Lullaby for a Child

Lullaby for a Child illustrated book and CD speaks and sings of God's ever-present loving care for everyone and everything. Its comforting message brings healing, protection, and peace to all God's children- young and old.The book features a poem by Doris Peel that appeared in the Christian Science Sentinel with beautiful full color illustrations by James Staunton. Also included is a CD on which are tracks with a recitation of the poem, a duet performance, a father and son dialog, as well as a a child's chorus performance of the lullaby.

Christian Healer

A World More Bright

The book, A World More Bright, covers Mrs. Eddy's life from the early days in Bow, New Hampshire to her later years in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. The reader will learn not only about her remarkable achievements, but also about the discovery of Christian Science and the international church which she founded. This biography is an easy to read and fascinating account for newcomers, as well as those already acquainted with Mary Baker Eddy.


We Knew Mary Baker Eddy Expanded Edition Volume II

This compilation of 22 reminiscences about Mary Baker Eddy brings to life a dynamic period of nearly 25 years when her accomplishments included establishing a spiritual foundation for the governance of her Church with the Church Manual, and founding a newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor.